C-BI offers comprehensive and straightforward solutions and consulting services to meet your needs in the areas of Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Performance Management, Reporting, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics. We implement open source systems and products from leading manufacturers, to ensure the best solution for your enterprise.


Our services: everything from conception to operation. We assure that every step towards the implementation and operation of your BI solution is regarded successful. This includes the creation and review of business and IT concepts, project controlling, documentation, implementation, testing, and project marketing. We are glad to provide project references upon your request.


We are specialized in the integration towards the best solution, whether it contains commercial or open source components or both. Our preferred open source packages are JasperIntelligence, iReport, Pentaho, Rapid Miner, postgreSQL, and mySQL. Our preferred commercial products include SAP NetWeaver, Oracle RDBMS, and Hyperion BI.


Clausen Business Intelligence GmbH is a company with limited liability incorporated under german legislation. Registered office: Habichtstrasse 41, DE-22305 Hamburg, Germany. Trade register Hamburg no. HRB 108985. Managing Director: Nils Clausen. The information contained within this website is based on sources which we consider reliable and which are regularly updated. However, we assume no liability or guarantee for the accuracy, completeness and current validity of the information. The same applies to all other websites which may be referred to by hyperlinks. We shall not be held liable for the content of such websites.


Clausen Business Intelligence GmbH
Habichtstrasse 41
DE-22305 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 5133 0866
Fax: +49 40 5935 1533
Email: kontakt@c-bi.de

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